If you have been fortunate enough to spend time in a dental laboratory, what grabs your immediate attention is the pace of which it moves. A busy team working hard to produce excellent results for clients. Their ability to map out the day ahead and see the bottlenecks before they arrive.

Numerous colleagues across each department are constantly spinning plates, timing the various elements of the manufacture process, waiting for models to set, furnace cycles to complete, models to scan and in between, working on the next job to keep the workflow moving effectively. Oh, and maintaining equipment in between to keep it operating optimally.

Whether you are starting with an impression that arrives in a little pouch, or you get a digital impression in the inbox. It is the same – you are manufacturing an appliance for the first time, and the last time.

Dental appliance manufacture in the digital era is still an intricate process. Detailed artistry combined with CAD/CAM design and intelligent milling technology. Bringing new technological advancements together with the skill and craft, the hand-eye co-ordination and detailed understanding of tooth anatomy together to produce life-changing results for your patients.

Seeing your colleagues at work is inspiring. Their objectives are simple:

Learn about our clients’ individual ways of working. Accept and understand that all dentists work in a style and process they are most comfortable with.

Provide beautiful aesthetic results.

Ensure accuracy, for a smooth fit.

Ask questions, never guess what our clients may or may not want.

This is our dental laboratory as it is today. Always caring, always learning, and communicating with our clients better than ever before. We work hard, we work together, and we make each other better.

You have to see our colleagues below to understand the passion they put into their work.

If you are looking for a private and specialist dental laboratory that really cares, why not contact the Stephen Green Dental Studio team today?

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