CADCAM is the future of dental laboratory production.


We use a range of digital design software and hardware including Exocad, 3Shape and Sirona In-lab. These tools enable us to achieve restorations with a higher level of accuracy.

Creating a beautiful piece of work is a very technical process. Our team work on each unit at a high magnification setting. We can view each tooth, margin, every angle and shape at incredible detail and at every conceivable angle. CAD/CAM is very much an automated manufacture solution. But human intervention, skills and dental knowledge remain an essential part of the production process. They bring technology, patients’ needs and dentists’ requirements together.


We create the tooth using the intelligent CADCAM software, often duplicating its profile from its opposing tooth and refining it to fit the designated space. Our team then work carefully through the bite, shaping and positioning, to create a result that complements the natural appearance of the individuals teeth.

When we are proud of the result onscreen, the CAD/CAM file is ready. We then load the file on to our milling software where it is placed in the queue ready to send to one of our milling machines. Our intelligent software compensates for shrinkage that the unit will experience in the furnace (post-milling). It intuitively increasing the size of each unit by the percentage required for the specific milling block they use.

Milled units are then furnaced, which triggers a reaction in the material that solidifies the unit and shrinks to our design. Units of exceptional quality are hand-finished by our skilled technicians. We can provide beautifully fitting and aesthetically pleasing crowns, bridges and implant units.

We have combined the digital world with traditional techniques to deliver the art of digital dentistry.


You can also receive a copy of the work we have produced using Exocad Viewer. To find out more about Exocad Viewer and to download the app, click here (external link).


Digital Smile Design technology means we can create a virtual image for your patient, that you can review before committing to treatment plan.

Once designed, the smile design is sent to you, to review with your patient. A visual representation of how the patient will look after treatment is an important engagement tool that adds value to the patient experience.

This can be done by either analogue or digital impression and a short video, which you can email to us. Find out more at

For help or advice about CADCAM and Digital Smile Design, call us on 0115 9386844.