Whether you are currently using intraoral scanning technology or still thinking about taking the next step, you need a dental laboratory that you can rely on to get the job done.


Your investment in scanning technology brings speed and accuracy in models, but there is still a lot of human intervention involved in the process. If your dental technician does not have the right knowledge and experience, they will struggle to transmit your vision into real results. It will surely fit the post well, but you could get poor contouring, shaping, texture or colour or shade. Clinical time that you can ill-afford to lose.

Intraoral scanning does not guarantee great results. Great technicians, like our wonderful team, guarantee great results. Technicians with a deep-rooted passion for artistry and aesthetics and a detailed understanding of our clients’ ways of working, their needs and preferences and a desire to please. Our recipe for success.

This is where Stephen Green Dental Studio strives to make the difference. We have refined our working processes to ensure you get great results every time. We listen, we embrace feedback and we learn from our mistakes.


The introduction of digital workflow to this laboratory, enabled us to change the way we work for the better. More accuracy, more efficiency. Keeping the artistry of the humble dental laboratory at the core of our DNA, throughout our transition into a modern medical appliance manufacturer. We scan with 3Shape and Sirona scanning technology.


Yes and no. Yes, if you use scanners, you can take a scan in surgery and within minutes, inbox your stl file to us. No fuss, no mess. This skips a number of steps and enables us to jump straight to CAD/CAM design.

But no, we don’t leave traditional impression-based lab work behind. If you are still unsure about taking the next step, we receive traditional impressions, which we turn into digital models and put into CAD/CAM workflow. Digital dentistry is growing rapidly, but we still provide the same support for traditional methods. I/O scanning is obviously a lot quicker – there is a 24-48hrs gain just from avoiding waiting for a collection or postal services. Plus at least 24hrs in production time.

Put simply, investing in scanning technology is not investing in the latest piece of technology that ends up in cupboard unused. This technology is the future of dental appliance manufacture. It has a place in your practice and it will add value to your business.


Investment in intraoral scanners is money well spent. It can be hard to build your business case or justify large investment when the overriding benefit is “speed and accuracy”. Your current methods don’t take long and labwork generally fits with the odd adjustment here and there. But bring all those elements together to see the true ROI (return on investment).

Impression time – reduced. Material cost – reduced. Fitting appointments – reduced. Remakes – reduced and almost eliminated from the equation. You’ll never have another awkward moment with a patient when the impression gets damaged or lost.

So, in conclusion, intraoral scanning investment is not cheap, but the operational and quality benefits that you will feel either end of the production process are a significant shift-change for your practice. You won’t go back to your analogue ways again. The cupboard will remain empty.

At Stephen Green Dental Studio, we can send a file so that you can view a job as soon as it is produced by the CAD/CAM team, using Exocad Viewer. A large-scale, interactive model that can be viewed on your PC or even a smart phone or tablet.

All you need now is a dental laboratory that will deliver on your expectations. You’re already here. Call us on 0115 9386844 for further assistance.