We provide a shade taking service at our laboratory.


If you find that you need our help to establish an exact shade match for your patient, we are happy to help. We have a dedicated shade taking room in our laboratory. This is a great way to save valuable clinical time if you would a second opinion on shade matching. Our room is is set up with the correct lighting conditions and equipped with our shade matching device. This is carried out by colleagues with experience of many cases.

We understand that we are part of your patient journey, so we take great care of your patients whilst they are with us.


1. We arrange the appointment directly with your patient or via a member of your practice team. This is completely at your discretion.

2. Upon arrival, your patient us cared for, by our experienced colleagues. We will take the shade under the correct lighting conditions, with our VITA Easyshade Advance. We will also take images so that we have a record we can refer to during manufacturing.

3. We will contact you following the appointment to share our findings. It is your decision to accept or decline our proposal. The service charge is applicable for appointment attendance, whether you accept or decline our recommendations.

4. We will update the prescription as per your instruction and get to work.

Using this value-added service, you will benefit from our support and experience whilst maintaining your clinical freedom.

We understand the quality of our service also reflects on you. Our team take care of your patient whilst they are with us. If you would like to book a patient in with us, get in touch.

Get in touch to book your patient for shade taking with a member of our team. We are open from 8am to 4.30pm, Monday to Friday.