Our services include everything you need from your local dental laboratory.


With our experience and dedication to providing a solution-based dental laboratory service. Whether you have a simple crown case or a complex multi-unit implant bridge case, if there is a way to achieve great results we’ll find it. Find out more about our services by department.


Our friendly and experienced team are available to answer any queries. They can also provide support and advice with cases, however great or small.

We understand that you want the best for your patient. Occasionally, you would like to talk to an experienced technician to ensure your vision for your patients’ smile is achievable. Other times you may have a more technical with for example, a complex implant case. Whether you prefer to call, email, whatsapp images or communicate in any other way, we are here to help. We will offer our thoughts on how you achieve your objectives.

As a laboratory that understands the importance of patient care, we will always provide you with solutions and ideas that we believe are in the best interests of your patient. How you choose to proceed remains your decision. Our priority is ensuring you can provide a solution that is achievable.

If you need anything, just give us a call or Whatsapp message us.

Call: 0115 938 6844
Whatsapp: 07586 343091
Email: photos@stephen-green.com

We also provide Exocad Viewer free of charge, so you can get an interactive visual of the completed work at CAD/CAM stage. All you need to do is write a quick note on your lab ticket requesting the Exocad Viewer file for the case and we’ll send it to you as soon as it is ready.

Help is at hand. If you need support with a case, get in touch and our team will provide further support.