To create great results with prosthetics, your dental laboratory needs skill, craft and high-quality materials.


Producing dentures is a detailed process where precision and accuracy are as important as providing amazing aesthetic results that blend naturally with the patients’ teeth. At Stephen Green Dental Studio, we are passionate about providing great dentures. Giving patients confidence in their smile and vastly improved function in their bite.

We use the denture system iDenture by Ivoclar Vivadent, which incorporates the BPS (Biofunctional Prosthetics System). A wide range of high quality teeth are available in numerous shades (including gum shading).

Stephen Green Dental Studio is committed to helping you provide your patients with quality aesthetics and predictable restorative solutions for removable prosthetics. We can also help with the production of chrome frameworks.


We use enigmalife and 4natur teeth to help us achieve aesthetically pleasing results. We believe these products currently provide the best solution for your patients. Our investment in high-quality materials ensures the beautiful prosthetic appliance that your patient deserves.

If you have a particular requirement for the type or brand of teeth required, just let us know when you send work to us and we will ensure it is completed to your specification. Get in touch today.

Valplast Dentures Logo


Stephen Green Dental Studio provides Valplast dentures.

Valplast is a brand of removable flexible partial dentures made from nylon resin. They are durable, but flexible enough to move and adapt with your mouth. This will make them more comfortable to wear than typical acrylic dentures. Full dentures are not available with Valplast, as they require rigidity to stay in place.

Unlike other types of partial denture, Valplast do not have uncomfortable, sometimes visible metal clasps to keep them in place. Instead, they have little projections made from the same nylon resin material that fit over teeth and gums to help the denture stay in place.

If you require any assistance with a case, call us on 0115 9386844.